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With the KUFATEC Sound Booster information flyer you can quickly and descriptive make... » more
Product information "Sound Booster information flyer"

With the KUFATEC Sound Booster information flyer you can quickly and descriptive make the Active Sound System attractive to your customers. With the help of the information provided on the spot, interested parties can get an idea of the system. On the back you can enter your contact details, which individualises the flyer to your company and makes it easier for customers to contact you as an installation partner.

  • The KUFATEC Sound Booster Info / Advertising flyer contains all important information about the Active Sound System
  • The flyer explains what a Sound Booster / Active Sound System is  in a nutshell and demonstrative graphics
  • All benefits of the system are listed
  • On the back you can enter your address to associate the customer with your services
  • available in German and English

Selectable options:

  • German
  • English

Scope of Delivery:

  • a set of Sound Booster flyers (DIN long, 6 sided)
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