Car alarm sensors for your security system

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43675 - Glasbruch-Sensor mit sehr hoher Fehlalarmsicherheit
Glass breakage sensor with very high immunity to false alarms
Item no.: 43675
Hidden installed microphone to analyze the frequency, intensity and timing of all sounds in the vehicle - false alarm free!
€39.00 *
43673 - Gassensor mit integrierter Sirene für Propan, Butan, LPG
Gas sensor with integrated siren for propane, butane, LPG
Item no.: 43673
Gas detectors protect life and health by monitoring the breathing air of a room and trigger visual and audible alarms
€119.00 *
41371 - Tür-, Haubenkontakt-Schalter mit Gummidichtung (NC)
Door, Hood Contact Switch with rubber sealed ring (NC)
Item no.: 41371
Universally usable for vehicle doors, bonnet, trunk and tailboards fastened with a separate screw
€2.50 *
41372 - Haubenkontakt-Schalter (NC)
Hood Contact Switch (NC)
Item no.: 41372
Universally usable for vehicle doors, bonnet, trunk and tailboards, contact is fastened in a central bore
€3.00 *
41306 - Magnet-Schalter (NO)
Magnetic Switch (NO)
Item no.: 41306
Magnetic switch (reed contact) is particularly suitable for securing hinged windows, glass roofs / other mechanical flaps
€5.00 *
41314 - Schock-Sensor Plug & Play
Shock Sensor Plug & Play
Item no.: 41314
Sensor reacts to impacts against the body. Pre-warning level already reports slight shocks, stronger trigger a full alarm
€29.00 *
41313 - Radar-Sensor mit Vorwarnung - Mini
Radar Sensor with prior warning - mini
Item no.: 41313
Monitoring the entire interior of the vehicle. Protection of convertibles, control of voice modules and warnings
€49.00 *
41312 - Universeller Ultraschall-Sensor
Universal ultrasound sensor
Item no.: 41312
Ultrasonic sensor with two separate small sensor heads for unobtrusive mounting in the vehicle interior
€99.00 *
41307 - Magnet-Schalter (NO)
Magnetic Switch (NO), normally open
Item no.: 41307
NO means e. g. when the window is closed, the magnetic switch is closed and when the window will be opened, then the magnetic switch is open
€3.00 *
41305 - Magnet-Schalter (NC)
Magnetic Switch (NC), opener
Item no.: 41305
For securing hinged windows, glass roofs or flaps, this magnetic switch can only be connected as NC
€10.00 *
41304 - Magnet-Schalter (NC)
Magnetic Switch (NC)
Item no.: 41304
Suitable for securing hinged windows, glass roofs / other mechanical flaps. Optimal also as a contact for drawers
€14.00 *
41303 - Sensor Abschleppschutz
Sensor Towing Protection
Item no.: 41303
Whether you tilt the vehicle forwards, backwards or sideways, the alarm sounds. Sensor adjusts itself and never needs adjusting.
€49.00 *
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