FISTUNE DAB, DAB+ Integration for BMW E-Series CCC

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DAB for clear and noise-free reception In contrast to analogue FM transmission DAB (Digital... » more
Product information "FISTUNE DAB, DAB+ Integration for BMW E-Series CCC"

DAB for clear and noise-free reception

In contrast to analogue FM transmission DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a new method for digital transmission of radio signals via a network of terrestrial transmitters. It provides listeners with more choices and information delivered in clear sound quality without any noise. With DAB digital stations there are no frequencies to remember.

What distinguishes DAB+ from DAB?

DAB+ is a further development of the DAB standard, thus assumes all functions of DAB, but offers additional benefits. The technical difference is the type of audio coding, ie the two standards use different methods for the preparation before and after the transfer of data. While DAB uses MPEG-1 Layer-2, DAB MPEG-4 HE-AAC v2, the most efficient audio compression used worldwide.

System at a glance:

  • The FISTUNE fully integrates into the vehicle, so that all available informations will be display in your BMW infotainment system(CCC) including by the following radio systems
    • CCC Professional
    • CCC Business
    • CCC Radio Professional Champ
    • CCC Radio Professional M-ASK
    • Radio Professional (1 Din)
    • Radio M-ASK 2
    • Radio Boost CD **
    • Radio Visual Boost
  • Control is given through the iDriveor radio
  • DAB text support
  • DAB and DAB+ codec i.e. older DAB stations are received
  • For a high quality digital reception, the FISTUNE, can use the links to the original BMW antenna system
    • The reception quality is thereby significantly improved
    • In addition, this makes for a much easier installation of the system

Selectable options:

  • Vehicles without factory fitted DAB Tuner
  • Vehicles with factory fitted DAB Tuner

is suitable for the following vehicles:

  • 1er - E81, E82, E87, E88*
  • 3er - E90, E91, E92, E93*
  • 5er - E60, E61
  • 6er - E63, E64
  • X1 - E84
  • X5 - E70
  • X6 - E71
  • Z4 - E89*
  • Mini R55, R56, R57


  • * On vehicles from ca. 09/2009 with professional radio, it may happen that the radio does not have a fiber optic input. If the vehicle is equipped with CD changer, iPod-Interface or special sound system for the radio FISTUNE retrofit is appropriate. Please check the radio before purchasing the FISTUNE system.
  • ** Only suitable for radios with fiber optic input
  • It is not necessary to visit a BMW dealer after installation. Adapting to the vehicle is carried out fully automatically.
  • There is no automatic station search, this must be started manually via the iDrive or Radio
    • Manual tuning is only necessary for regional ensembles while the car is travelling across regions with different regional ensembles.
    • There's no new scan required for global ensembles
  • No automatic switching of DAB <-> FM

A recent review of the DAB stations can be found here >> here <<
A detailed map with reception and reception forecast can be found here >> here <<

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