Retrofit solutions for Audi A8 4H
(2010 – 2017)

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42800 - Umfeldkamera 4 Kamera System für Audi A8 4H - KA4 Aufrüstung
Surrounding 4 camera system for Audi A8 4H - KA4 upgrade
Item no.: 42800
Expansion of the existing front and rear view camera system with cameras in the exterior mirrors for the Audi A8 4H
€549.00 *
43392 - Codierdongle für Night Vision Nachtsichtassistent
Coding dongle for Audi Night Vision assistant
Item no.: 43392
OBD interface for final coding for Audi A6 4G, A7 4G, A8 4H when Night Vision assistant has been retrofitted
€49.00 *
41938 - Kodier-Interface ACC Distance Vorwahl im CAR Menü
Coding dongle ACC Distance Preselection in the CAR menu
Item no.: 41938
In CAR menu, the coding dongle activates the setting for the distance preselection from the ACC, simply connect to OBD interface - Done!
€99.00 *
41538 - A2DP Bluetooth Receiver 3,5 mm Klinke Ampire BTR200
A2DP Bluetooth receiver 3.5 mm jack Ampire BTR200
Item no.: 41538
A2DP Bluetooth Audio Streaming lossless files such as Wave, Flac, Lossless, etc. for vehicles with 3.5 mm jack AUX input and 12 volt electrical system
€49.00 *
41026 - A2DP Bluetooth Receiver 3,5 mm Klinke, USB Ampire BTR300
A2DP Bluetooth Receiver 3.5 mm jack, USB Ampire BTR300
Item no.: 41026
Universal Bluetooth receiver for vehicles, with 3.5 mm jack and USB socket, Plug & Play installation
€49.00 *
40960 - A2DP Bluetooth Receiver Cinch, 12 Volt Ampire BTR100
A2DP Bluetooth Receiver Cinch, 12 Volt Ampire BTR100
Item no.: 40960
Retrofit an A2DP interface, simply connect the Bluetooth receiver to the ignition plus and connect it to the AUX socket
€49.00 *
40927 - Adaptive cruise control (ACC) Abstandsregelung für Audi A8 4H
Adaptive cruise control (ACC) for Audi A8 4H
Item no.: 40927
Komplett-Set zur Nachrüstung von Audi adaptive cruise control (ACC) und braking guard für Audi A8 4H
€4,799.00 *
40179 - Kabelsatz schwenkbare Anhängerkupplung AHK - Zentralelektrik für Audi A8 4H
Cable set swiveling towbar - central electrics for Audi A8 4H
Item no.: 40179
Nachrüsten der originalen elektrisch schwenkbaren Anhängerkupplung (AHK) beim Audi A8 4H so wie diese auch ab Werk verbaut wird
€129.00 *
40712 - Kabelsatz für Nachtsichtsystem für Audi A8 4H
Cable set for the night vision system for Audi A8 4H
Item no.: 40712
Cable for retrofit the original night vision assistent of Audi A8 4H, infrared camera detects the area in front of your vehicle up to a distance of of 300 m
€139.00 *
40705 - Komplettset Active Sound inkl. Sound Booster für Audi A8 4H 3.0 TDI
Complete kit Active Sound incl. Sound Booster for Audi A8 4H
Item no.: 40705
Retrofit V6 / V8 engine sound at the push of a button, rich exhaust sound for the Audi A8 4H, without welding or drilling!
From €1,199.00 *
40685 - Spurwechselassistent (Audi side assist) für Audi A8 4H
Audi side assist Retrofit for Audi A8 4H
Item no.: 40685
Complete set for retrofitting the lane change assistant (Side Assist) for Audi A8 4H, intelligent technology for monitoring the blind spot
€799.00 *
40564 - Codier-Dongle Heckklappe schließen per Fernbedienung
Coding dongle tailgate closing via remote control
Item no.: 40564
OBD interface to facilitate tailgate closure. For vehicles with factory-fitted electric tailgate
€99.00 *
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