Retrofit solutions for BMW 4 Series

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41026 - A2DP Bluetooth Receiver 3,5 mm Klinke, USB Ampire BTR300
A2DP Bluetooth Receiver 3.5 mm jack, USB Ampire BTR300
Item no.: 41026
Universal Bluetooth receiver for vehicles, with 3.5 mm jack and USB socket, Plug & Play installation
€49.00 *
40960 - A2DP Bluetooth Receiver Cinch, 12 Volt Ampire BTR100
A2DP Bluetooth Receiver Cinch, 12 Volt Ampire BTR100
Item no.: 40960
Retrofit an A2DP interface, simply connect the Bluetooth receiver to the ignition plus and connect it to the AUX socket
€49.00 *
40665 - Komplettset Active Sound inkl. Sound Booster für BMW 4er F-Serie PRO
Complete kit Active Sound incl. Sound Booster for BMW 4 series...
Item no.: 40665
A powerful V6 / V8 sound (depending on the configuration) for your BMW 4 Series F-Series, with the push of a button on and off
From €1,199.00 *
40162 - Kodier-Interface Rückfahrkamera für BMW F-Serie
Coding dongle Rear View Camera for BMW F-Series
Item no.: 40162
Suitable for retrofitting an original BMW F-Series rear view camera, the vehicle is independently coded
€89.00 *
35100 - Ethernet RJ45 8 PIN zu OBD 2
Ethernet cable RJ45 8 PIN to OBD 2
Item no.: 35100
Establish connection via network using computer with network card or network connection with BMW vehicles of the F-series
€29.00 *
39894 - Aktivierung Bluetooth Freisprecheinrichtung / A2DP für BMW F-Serie
Activation Bluetooth handsfree, A2DP for BMW F-Series
Item no.: 39894
Retrofit possibility of an original Bluetooth mobile phone preparation, version "only Bluetooth" for BMW F-series
€349.00 *
39041 - TV-Freischaltung für BMW, Mini CIC & CIC NBT Professional F-Serie - OBD
VIM Video in motion for BMW, Mini CIC iDrive NBT EVO...
Item no.: 39041
OBD module for activating the video source, TV tuner and DVD player while driving, for Professional Systems CIC, NBT, Touch, EVO ID 4, ID 5, ID 6, MGU ID7
€149.00 *
39037 - Kodier-Interface TV Icon für BMW Professional Navigation - F-Serie
Coding dongle TV icon for BMW Professional Navigation - F-Series
Item no.: 39037
The vehicle is independently coded to the TV tuner function, the coding is automatically started and stopped
€99.00 *