AMPIRE DVB-T HD-Receiver with USB-Recorder (MPEG4)

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Mobile digital HD DVB-T in High class In addition tot he execellent mobile DVB-T reception,... » more
Product information "AMPIRE DVB-T HD-Receiver with USB-Recorder (MPEG4)"
  • Mobile digital HD DVB-T in High class
  • In addition tot he execellent mobile DVB-T reception, the DVBT55-HD now offers several new functions and features.
  • Not only MPEG-2 DVB-T channels are available, you can also receive the new MPEG-4 standard.
  • Manual tuning is omitted due to integrated automatic frequency switching - AFS
  • To connect the DVB-T to your vehicle you can use our Kufatec IMA Multimedia Adapters
  • When using the Multimedia Adapter Plus Version you also need the control wire (item 38775)
  • The DVBT55-HD from Ampire has the same reception characteristics as the bigger DVBT400 receiver (Verdict: Absolutely top class in the Car Audio)


  • Automotive DVB-T Diversity receiver with Dual Receivers
  • TV standard:
    • DVB-T MPEG2
    • DVB-T MPEG2 Conax encrypted (with optinal card reader CONAX55)
    • DVB-T MPEG4
    • DVB-T MPEG4 Conax encrypted (with optinal card reader CONAX55)
    • Real-Time TV recording (USB)
    • AFS automatic frequence switching at bad reception
    • MP3 music and MPEG4 / DVIX video playback via the USB port
    • Only 3.5 Watt power consumption in operation and no power consumption by turned off
    • Multilingual design for easy installation in the vehicle
    • Complies with CE & RoHS standard, E-Registration and DVB-T / MPEG4 licensed


  • AV Output (RCA jack)
  • USB port for control of FAT32 formatted hard disks up to 8 0GB and USB Sticks up to 8 GB.
  • HDMI Output for high-resolution image reproduction
  • 2x FAKRA connector antenna jacks with 5 volt phantom power for active antennas
  • Pay-TV jack for optional Conax card reader

Technical specifications:

  • E9 approval - 10R-09 6314
  • Video / Audio Decoder: MPEG 2 + MPEG-4
  • Frequency: 170 ~ 230 MHz (VHF) + 470 ~ 862 MHz (UHF)
  • Antenna Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Channel bandwidth: 6/7/8 MHz
  • Supports active and passive DVBT-antennas
  • From USB supported audio format: * .mp3; * .wav
  • From USB supported video formats: * .mpg; * .dat; * .vob; * .avi with MPEG4 ASP
  • From USB supported Photo format: * .jpg; * .bmp, * .gif
  • From USB supported TV Recording format: * .mpg
  • From USB supported Radio Recording format: * .mp3
  • Dimensions: 80 x 28.5 x 137.5 mm (W x H x L)
  • Operating voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Power consumption: max. 3.5 Watts (0.24A at 13.8 volts)
  • TV System: Auto / PAL / NTSC
  • Screen Format: 4: 3/16: 9
  • OSD Language: English / German / French / Italian / Spanish / Dutch / Portuguese / Chinese

Included Accessories:

  • Infrared remote control and IR receiver
  • Instruction Manual in German and English


  • The reception of the DVB-T2 standards is not possible with the DVBT55-HD
  • After installation, check the software version and if necessary perform a software update
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