IMA Multimedia Adapter accessories

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38392 - FAKRA Videoverteiler - RSE
FAKRA video splitter - RSE
Item no.: 38392
FAKRA video splitter for image feed to other monitors in the vehicle, ideal for headrest or ceiling monitors
€29.00 *
38186-2 - IMA Kabelsatz MMI 2G - TV-Tuner analog vorhanden
IMA cable set MMI 2G - analog TV tuner available
Item no.: 38186-2
Cable set for retrofitting the Multimedia Adapter fiber optic MMI 2G for vehicles with factory-installed analog TV tuner
€29.00 *
38266 - IMA Kabelsatz CAN - TV-Tuner analog vorhanden
IMA cable set CAN - Analog TV Tuner available
Item no.: 38266
Cable set for retrofitting the Multimedia Adapter CAN for vehicles with factory installed analog TV tuner
€34.00 *
37611 - Rückfahrkamera Interface für VW Kamera Low an IMA CAN
Rear View Camera Interface for VW Camera Low to IMA CAN
Item no.: 37611
This interface makes it possible to retain the reversing camera when retrofitting the multimedia adapter
€99.00 *
36136 - Anschlussatz original Rückfahrkamera VAG an IMA Standardlänge
VAG to IMA Connection kit original Rear View Camera
Item no.: 36136
Cable set for connecting an original handle bar rear-view camera to: IMA multimedia adapter CAN-Plus version, RVC interface universal
€39.00 *
35570 - Adapter für zusätzlichen Video-Eingang
Adapter for additional video input
Item no.: 35570
Specific cable set for connecting an additional video source suitable for IMA Multimedia Adapter CAN, fiber optic, FISCUBE Audi
€4.99 *
35676 - Zusatzleitung IMA autom. RFK-Umschaltung für Audi RNS-E
IMA Harness Rear View Camera auto switch for Audi RNS-E
Item no.: 35676
Additional cable for retrofitting the automatic rear view camera switch for the navigation unit RNS-E Audi A3 8P, A4 8E, TT 8J
€2.99 *
35677 - Zusatzleitung IMA autom. Rückfahrkamera-Umschaltung für VW MFD 2 / RNS 2
IMA Harness Rear View Camera Auto Switch for VW MFD 2, RNS 2
Item no.: 35677
Specific additional cable for retroffitting the automatic swith of the car rear view camera circuit for the navigation unit VW MFD 2 / RNS 2
€2.99 *