IMA Multimedia Adapter - "Basic"

35537 - IMA Multimedia Adapter Basic
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IMA, Integrated Multimedia Adapter allows you to connect to multimedia devices through the... » more
Product information "IMA Multimedia Adapter - "Basic""
  • IMA, Integrated Multimedia Adapter allows you to connect to multimedia devices through the following Sat/Nav systems:
    • Volkswagen MFD
    • Volkswagen MFD-2/RNS-2
    • Volkswagen RNS-510
    • Skoda Nexus 4:3
    • Skoda Nexus 16:9
    • Seat Naviagtion 4:3
    • Seat Navigation 16:9
    • Audi RNS-E
    • Audi RNS-D
    • Lamborghini Gallardo
    • Ford MFD 4:3
    • Mercedes Command 2.0
    • Mercedes Command 2.5
  • Easy installation due to automatic head unit detection
  • The following options can be configured through the head unit:
    • Contrast
    • Saturation
    • Color
    • Picture Orientation
  • The following devices can be connected to the IMA:
    • DVD - Player
    • DVD - Changer
    • DVB - T
    • Playstation
    • HDD
  • OEM TV-Tuner is not required

Features - Interface:

  • Automatic signal detection (PAL/NTSC)
  • TV-Tuner Emulation
  • 1 Video Input (FBAS/Composite)
  • Contast, saturation, color and picture orientation can be easily adjusted

Scope of delivery:

  • IMA Interface


  • A car specific cable is required for connecting the IMA to the Sat / Navigation system
  • *Information will be displayed in the FIS (Driver Information System) display of the car. Not all car's are equipped with FIS.
  • Not suitable for "Non-DX" Audi head units RNS-D (Version E)
  • For retrofitting into VW vehicles with factory fitted rear view cam "Low" (Golf 6, Scirocco) item 37611 will be needed in addition
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Properties of the product "IMA Multimedia Adapter - "Basic"" » more
Properties: "IMA Multimedia Adapter - "Basic""
Product group: Infotaiment und Multimedia
E13: 10R - 02 9578
Weight (in kg): 0.08
Hardware: 3.1
Software: 3.03
EAN: 4250363300217
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