KUFATEC Full Coding Dongle – easiest way to code your vehicle

What's special about the full coding dongle?

With this interface for coding you are saving money, time and energy.

Reusable at any time

After a retrofit, it is usually necessary to perform a coding on the vehicle. The supplied dongle does the complete coding depending on the vehicle equipment. Even if you drive with your vehicle to a workshop and the coding is reseted to factory settings (SVM adjustment): do not panic! Reconnect the coding dongle to the OBD interface, wait a few seconds until the LED goes out – and you're done!

Very easy to use

Even laymen can effortlessly import the required coding. An LED display indicates whether the coding has been successfully carried out in the vehicle.

Time saving

You save a lot of time compared to manual coding due to the easy and fast usage. The required time of the dongle is usually not more than 30 seconds. For many dongles, coding is done depending on the existing equipment. This would be a complicated task by doing it manually. According to our experience in this area it leads to problems and long troubleshooting very often.

Update capability

Especially in today's fast moving automotive industry, the update capability is an important criterion. The full coding dongle has a USB interface, which makes it possible to update the dongle. This works even faster and easier with our free dongle tool.

Why you often read at other manufacturers that you don't need a coding dongle?

Because they do not have one at their own :)

What can not the dongle do?

  • delete errors memory entries
  • basic settings of control units (e.g. headlights, camera, tailgate)

The basic settings of the control parts are described in the respective installation instructions. This only needs to be adjusted once after the control unit has been commissioned. It will not be reset during the possible SVM adjustment.