Merchant information

KUFATEC merchant / dealer information

Merchant conditions and registration

As a registered merchant at KUFATEC, you can buy from us at attractive conditions.
First, we check your dealer status. After successful verification, we will send you a confirmation email and you will receive attractive discounts on our entire range of products. From now on, you will see your merchant purchasing price directly on the product and overview pages after signing up.

Are you a car dealership, merchant or car workshop? Then register here: merchant registration.

Your advantages:

  • all products at worthwhile dealer conditions
  • purchase on account with up to 30 days payment term
  • interfaces for fast processing (JSON, XML, EDI or CSV)
  • extensive support via telephone, e-mail or remote maintenance (Remote Support)
  • dropshipping possible

Take advantage of our dropshipping offer

What is Dropshipping?

The Dropshipping trading model is the ability to offer products in your online store that you do not have to stock yourself. For example, if a customer buys one of our products from you, we ship the product directly to the customer.

Your benefits as a dropshipping merchant at KUFATEC:

  • no storage necessary and thus no accumulating storage costs
  • expand your product range without much risk
  • shipping and customs clearance is conveniently done by us
  • fast shipping, as we already stock most products
  • neutral shipping with your address as sender on delivery note and parcel
  • interfaces for fast processing (JSON, XML, EDI or CSV)

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