Retrofit solutions for Seat Ateca

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43262 - Codier-Dongle MQB - Fernlichtassistent (FLA)
Coding dongle MQB - High-beam assistant (HBA)
Item no.: 43262
After coding, the function "Light Assist" or "High-beam assistant" can be activated via the CAR menu
€49.00 *
43325 - Komlpettset sensorgesteuerte Heckklappenöffnung für Seat Ateca KH7
Complete kit sensor-controlled tailgate opening for Seat Ateca KH7
Item no.: 43325
The Keyless Access sensor recognizes the driver of the Seat Ateca KH7 and the foot movement signals that the trunk should be opened or closed
€399.00 *
43320 - Komplett-Set APS+ plus (optische Anzeige) Front und Heck für Seat Ateca KH7 2JB, 2JD
Complete kit APS+ plus (visual display) front and rear for Seat Ateca KH7
Item no.: 43320
Complete kit for retrofitting an original parking aid on front + rear (APS+) for Seat Ateca KH7
€699.00 *
42950 - Spurwechselassistent inkl. Ausparkassistent für Seat Ateca KH7
Blind Spot assist incl. Rear Traffic Alert for Seat Ateca KH7
Item no.: 42950
Complete set for retrofitting the blind spot sensor incl. Parking assistant for Seat Ateca KH7, indicator lights in the mirror lenses
€699.00 *
42288 - Kodier-Interface Spurwechselassistent MLB
Coding interface Audi side assist MLB
Item no.: 42288
Coding interface for final coding, if lane change assistant has been retrofitted for Audi A4 8W, A5 F5, Q5 FY, Q7 4M
€99.00 *
Codier Dongle MQB - elektr. Heckklappe -
Coding dongle MQB - electric tailgate for Audi, VW, Skoda
Item no.: 42532
Interface zur abschließenden Codierung der Nachrüstung elektrische Heckklappe, Audi Q2, VW Arteon, Passat, Tiguan, Touran, T-Roc, Skoda Kodiaq, Octavia
€99.00 *
Codier Dongle MQB - anklappbare Aussenspiegel -
Coding dongle MQB - folding exterior mirrors
Item no.: 42678
Coding dongle retrofitting hinged exterior mirrors | Passat B8, Touran 5T, Crafter SY, T-Roc A11, A3 8V, Q2 GA, Octavia 5E, Suberp 3V, Karoq, Kodiaq
€99.00 *
42630 - LED Scheinwerfer LED TFL für Seat Ateca KH7
LED Headlights with LED DRL for Seat Ateca KH7
Item no.: 42630
Retrofit LED headlights with integrated daylighting for Seat Ateca KH7. Distinctive appearance
€1,699.00 * €1,999.00 *
42560 - Nachrüst-Set elektrische Heckklappe für Seat Ateca KH7
Retrofit kit electric tailgate for eat Seat Ateca KH7
Item no.: 42560
Originale elektrische Heckklappe für Seat Ateca KH7 Nachrüstung, Bedienung mit Funkfernbedienung, Taster an der Heckklappe und in der Fahrertür
€1,399.00 *
42530 - Komplett-Set Einparkilfe hinten OPS für Seat Ateca KH7
Complete set Park Pilot rear for Seat Ateca KH7
Item no.: 42530
Bessere Abstandseinschätzung zu Hindernissen durch individuelles Ansprechen jedes einzelnen Sensors sowie optische Darstellung für Seat Ateca KH7
€349.00 *
Komplett-Set Einparkhilfe plus OPS für Seat Ateca KH7 2JB, 2JD
Complete set parking system+ OPS for Seat Ateca KH7
Item no.: 42305
Komplett-Set zur Nachrüstung einer originalen Einparkhilfe plus OPS - Front - für Seat Ateca KH7
€599.00 *
42239 - Codier Dongle - Anhängerkupplung, AHK für VW Audi MQB und MLB
Coding interface - trailer hitch for VW Audi MQB and MLB
Item no.: 42239
KUFATEC diagnostic interface for the final coding of the original towbar retrofit
€99.00 *
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