Expansion Kit Sound Booster

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With this set, we offer the opportunity, to add a second sound generator to our complete and... » more
Product information "Expansion Kit Sound Booster"
  • With this set, we offer the opportunity, to add a second sound generator to our complete and universal Sound Booster sets
  • This additional set increase the sound experience again
  • The second sound booster can be installed at any place, provided that there is enough space (Installation outside: cars underbody, Installation inside: spare wheel recess)

Available options:

  • Installation outside
  • Installation inside

Scope of delivery:

  • cable set
  • Sound generator universal for Outside or Inside Installation


  • Please check if an appropriate place for the second Sound Booster is available
  • This is an universal sound generator, which means that the revision of the Sound generator for your vehicle, need to be done by you. (Optionally, metal and welding work is required)
  • The installation of a Sound Booster can lead to the expiry of the operating license of your vehicle or to the refusal of a license for your car, according to the current practice of car registration offices. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible licensing authorities.
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Properties: "Expansion Kit Sound Booster"
Product group: Sound Booster
Weight (in kg): 3.383
Installation time (in h): 1
EAN: 4250363327955
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