Retrofit solutions for Volkswagen Crafter SY/SZ
(2016 – )

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43696 - Kabelsatz beheizbares Lenkrad, Lenkradheizung für VW, Skoda
Heated steering wheel cable set for VW, Skoda
Item no.: 43696
Specific cable set for retrofitting a heated steering wheel for various VW and Skoda vehicles
€29.00 *
42299 - Codierdongle MQB Einparkhilfe Park Pilot für VW, Audi, Skoda
Coding dongle MQB Park Pilot for VW, Audi, Skoda
Item no.: 42299
OBD interface for final encoding when an original Park Pilot parking aid has been retrofitted for VW, Audi, Skoda MQB platform
€99.00 *
43630 - Automatische Distanzregelung (ACC) VW Crafter SY, SZ
Automatic distance control (ACC) for VW Crafter SY, SZ
Item no.: 43630
Complete set for retrofitting automatic distance control (ACC) incl. City emergency brake function for VW Crafter SY, SZ
€850.00 * €999.00 *
43262 - Codier-Dongle MQB - Fernlichtassistent (FLA)
Coding dongle MQB, MLB - High-beam assistant (HBA)
Item no.: 43262
After coding, the function "Light Assist" or "High-beam assistant" can be activated via the CAR menu
€49.00 *
Codier Dongle MQB - anklappbare Aussenspiegel -
Coding dongle MQB - folding exterior mirrors
Item no.: 42678
Coding dongle retrofitting hinged exterior mirrors | Passat B8, Touran 5T, Crafter SY, T-Roc A11, A3 8V, Q2 GA, Octavia 5E, Suberp 3V, Karoq, Kodiaq
€99.00 *
42665 - Nachrüst-Set Nebelscheinwerfer (NSW) für VW Crafter SY MIT Auto-Licht Assistent
Retrofit kit fog lights for VW Crafter SY
Item no.: 42665
Retrofit kit original fog lamp (NSW) for VW Crafter SY with and without auto light assistant
From €379.00 *
42661 - Kodier-Interface LED Scheinwerfer für VW Crafter SY
Coding dongle LED headlights for VW Crafter SY
Item no.: 42661
Interface for the final coding, if original LED headlights have been retrofitted to the VW Crafter SY
€49.00 *
42640 - aLWR Komplett-Set für VW Crafter SY Frontantrieb
Auto-Leveling Headlights complete kit retrofit for VW Crafter SY
Item no.: 42640
Complete set for retrofitting LED headlamps with automatic headlamp leveling for VW Crafter SY
€399.00 *
42221 - Kodier-Interface Active Lane Assist MQB für VW
Coding dongle Active lane assist MQB for VW
Item no.: 42221
Interface for coding Active Lane Assist for VW Passat B8, Touran 5T, Connect Crafter SY with the OBD interface of the vehicle - Done!
€99.00 *
42025 - Komplett-Set Park Pilot Front + Heck inkl. OPS für VW Crafter SY
Park Pilot with OPS Front & Rear Retrofit for VW Crafter SY
Item no.: 42025
Complete set for retrofitting the original Park Pilot at the front and rear of the VW Crafter SY incl. optical parking system OPS
€699.00 *
42045 - Komplett-Set Rückfahrkamera für VW Crafter SY
Complete kit Rear View Camera retrofit for VW Crafter SY
Item no.: 42045
Complete set to retrofit an original rear view camera for VW Crafter SY, suitable for vehicles with Composition Media, Discover Media
€250.00 * €549.00 *
41538 - A2DP Bluetooth Receiver 3,5 mm Klinke Ampire BTR200
A2DP Bluetooth receiver 3.5 mm jack Ampire BTR200
Item no.: 41538
A2DP Bluetooth Audio Streaming lossless files such as Wave, Flac, Lossless, etc. for vehicles with 3.5 mm jack AUX input and 12 volt electrical system
€49.00 *
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