Retrofit Solutions for VW Golf 7 5Q
(2012 – )

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43696 - Kabelsatz beheizbares Lenkrad, Lenkradheizung für VW, Skoda
Heated steering wheel cable set for VW, Skoda
Item no.: 43696
Specific cable set for retrofitting a heated steering wheel for various VW and Skoda vehicles
€29.00 *
43485 - Komplett-Set Parklenkassistent (PLA) für VW Golf 7 Sportsvan AN1 Einparkhilfe nicht vorhanden VW Golf 7 - Sportsvan, AN1
Complete set Park Assist for VW Golf 7
Item no.: 43485
With the retrofitting of the original Park Assist for VW Golf 7, the vehicle parks independently in both longitudinal and transverse parking spaces
From €599.00 *
43334 - Kabelsatz USB AUX IN für MIB Radio, Navi 5G0035222E
Cable set USB AUX IN for MIB Radio, Navi 5G0035222E
Item no.: 43334
USB / AUX IN cable set for infotainment system MIB II, suitable for part number: 5G0035222E, 5G0035222F
€79.00 *
43262 - Codier-Dongle MQB - Fernlichtassistent (FLA)
Coding dongle MQB, MLB - High-beam assistant (HBA)
Item no.: 43262
After coding, the function "Light Assist" or "High-beam assistant" can be activated via the CAR menu
€49.00 *
42955 - Türsteuerteile Highline für VW Golf 7 0FA
Door control parts Highline for VW Golf 7
Item no.: 42955
Door control parts Highline for VW Golf 7: with some vehicles the replacement of the door control parts is necessary when retrofitting folding exterior mirrors
€289.00 *
39970 - GRA (Tempomat) Komplettset für VW Golf 7 - mit MFL Bis Modelljahr 2018 1XX, 2ZD, 2ZH, 2ZW
CCS (Cruise Control) Complete set for VW Golf 7
Item no.: 39970
Speed control system complete set for retrofitting a cruise control, suitable for Golf 7, Golf 7 Estate
From €599.00 *
Codier Dongle MQB - anklappbare Aussenspiegel -
Coding dongle MQB - folding exterior mirrors
Item no.: 42678
Coding dongle retrofitting hinged exterior mirrors | Passat B8, Touran 5T, Crafter SY, T-Roc A11, A3 8V, Q2 GA, Octavia 5E, Suberp 3V, Karoq, Kodiaq
€99.00 *
42410 - Komplettset Facelift LED Heckleuchten für VW Golf 7 Sportsvan
Complete kit Facelift LED rear lights for VW Golf 7 Sportsvan
Item no.: 42410
Original facelift LED taillights for the VW Golf 7 Sportsvan, first-class design with integrated LED light-emitting diodes
€499.00 *
42239 - Codierdongle Anhängerkupplung, AHK für VW Audi MQB und MLB
Coding dongle trailer hitch for VW Audi MQB and MLB
Item no.: 42239
KUFATEC OBD interface for the final coding of the original trailer hitch retrofit
€99.00 *
42221 - Kodier-Interface Active Lane Assist MQB für VW
Coding dongle Active lane assist MQB for VW
Item no.: 42221
Interface for coding Active Lane Assist for VW Passat B8, Touran 5T, Connect Crafter SY with the OBD interface of the vehicle - Done!
€99.00 *
42230 - Innenspiegel auto. abblendbar, Fernlichtassistent FLA für VW Golf 7
Interior mirror automatically dimmable, high beam assistant for...
Item no.: 42230
Interior mirror for VW Golf 7 (VII) for the original retrofit of automatic interior mirror dimming, high-beam assistant
€339.00 *
42228-P - Steuerteil für Anhängererkennung für VW Golf 7 VII
Control unit for trailer recognition for VW Golf 7 VII
Item no.: 42228-P
Control unit for retrofitting the original swiveling towbar for VW Golf 7 VII
€249.00 *
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