Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for VW Golf 7

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complete set for retrofitting an automatic cruise control (ACC) incl. City Emergency... » more
Product information "Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for VW Golf 7"
  • complete set for retrofitting an automatic cruise control (ACC) incl. City Emergency Braking for VW Golf VII 7
  • by a radar sensor in the front bumper, the system controls both the speed and the distance to the vehicle ahead
  • adjustable speed up to 160 or 210 km/h (for manual transmission from the 2nd gear)
  • stop & go function (only with automatic transmission)
  • increase of the riding comfort in heavy traffic and long highway trips
  • the City Emergency Braking are able to warn of impending collisions
  • display of distance and control range in the speedometer, selection of the distance from the multifunction steering wheel
  • selection of the driving program dynamically, comfort & standard on the radio

Selectable options:

  • up to 160 km/h
  • up to 210 km/h

Scope of delivery:

  • depending on the chassis number
  • coding dongle


  • sales type BQ1, BV5, BE2 shipping only by prior arrangement
  • only suitablte for vehicles with MFA medion (PR-No: 9S5) or high (PR-No: 9S6)
  • not suitable for vehicles with PR-No.: FM1 (only sales typ 5G1 and BA5)
  • Vehicles without the specified equipment are available upon request
  • The compatibility of the CAN Gateway need to be checked and if necessary replaced against the Highline variant.
  • the delivered hardware partly comes from test vehicles and went through a comprehensive functional test. The software is up to date
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Properties: "Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for VW Golf 7"
Product group: Assistance systems
Product type: Complete kit
Weight (in kg): 0.1
Installation time (in h): 4
EAN: 4250363328631
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Automatische Distanzregelung ACC - VW Golf 7 - Vorschau. (DE)

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