Retrofit solutions for VW Tiguan AD1
(2016 – )

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43696 - Kabelsatz beheizbares Lenkrad, Lenkradheizung für VW, Skoda
Heated steering wheel cable set for VW, Skoda
Item no.: 43696
Specific cable set for retrofitting a heated steering wheel for various VW and Skoda vehicles
€29.00 *
42653 - Codierdongle MQB - virtuelles Pedal
Coding dongle MQB - virtual pedal
Item no.: 42653
OBD interface for final coding when an original sensor-controlled tailgate opening has been retrofitted
€49.00 *
42555 - Kabelsatz sensorgesteuerte Heckklappenöffnung MQB
Cable set sensor-controlled tailgate opening MQB
Item no.: 42555
Cable set sensor-controlled tailgate opening MQB for VW Touran 5T, Tiguan, Arteon, Passat B8, Atlas, Audi Q3, Seat Ateca, Skoda, Kodiaq, Octavia 5E
€39.00 *
41400 - Automatische Distanzregelung (ACC) VW Tiguan AD1
Automatic distance control (ACC) for VW Tiguan AD1, BW2
Item no.: 41400
Display of distance and control range in the speedometer/headup display, selection of the distance over the multifunction steering wheel for VW Tiguan AD1, BW2
€850.00 * €999.00 *
43384-P - Steuerteil aLWR für VW Tiguan AD1, BW2 - Kurvenlicht
Control unit auto leveling headlights for VW Tiguan AD1, BW2 -...
Item no.: 43384-P
Auto leveling headlights control unit - LED with bending light for VW Tiguan AD1 and Tiguan allspace BW2
€229.00 *
43383 - Adapter LED auf LED mit Kurvenlicht für VW Tiguan AD1, BW2
Adapter LED on LED with bending light for VW Tiguan AD1, BW2
Item no.: 43383
Adapter for converting LED headlights to LED headlights with cornering light and variable light distribution for VW Tiguan AD1, allspace BW2
€59.00 *
43334 - Kabelsatz USB AUX IN für MIB Radio, Navi 5G0035222E
Cable set USB AUX IN for MIB Radio, Navi 5G0035222E
Item no.: 43334
USB / AUX IN cable set for infotainment system MIB II, suitable for part number: 5G0035222E, 5G0035222F
€79.00 *
43262 - Codier-Dongle MQB - Fernlichtassistent (FLA)
Coding dongle MQB, MLB - High-beam assistant (HBA)
Item no.: 43262
After coding, the function "Light Assist" or "High-beam assistant" can be activated via the CAR menu
€49.00 *
42925 - Türsteuerteile Highline für VW Tiguan AD1, BW2
Door control parts Highline for VW Tiguan AD1, BW2
Item no.: 42925
For some vehicles of the VW Tiguan AD1, BW2 the replacement of the door control parts is required when retrofitting folding exterior mirrors
€289.00 *
42391-P - Drucktaster inkl. Kamera für VW Tiguan AD1
Push button incl. camera for VW Tiguan AD1
Item no.: 42391-P
This push button incl. integrated camera is required to retrofit trailer assist the VW Tiguan AD1
€299.00 *
42895 - Reifendruck-Kontrollsystem (RDK) für VW Tiguan AD1
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for VW Tiguan AD1
Item no.: 42895
Representation of the air pressure of the wheels in the display of the instrument cluster, adjustment of partial and full load pressures for VW Tiguan AD1
€449.00 *
Codier Dongle MQB - elektr. Heckklappe -
Coding dongle MQB - electric tailgate for Audi, VW, Skoda
Item no.: 42532
OBD adapter for the final coding of the retrofit electric tailgate, Audi Q2, VW Arteon, Passat, Tiguan, Touran, T-Roc, Skoda Kodiaq, Octavia
€99.00 *
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